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SpeakOut 12-8

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tears of joy

Like another SpeakOut caller, I also cried when Barack Obama was elected president, though my tears were those of joy. Those Americans dumb enough to believe he is a Marxist deserve to wallow in hysterical hand wringing anxiety.

Keep on bailing

The bill from American Express a caller received was probably not a scam. Even though the caller allegedly has no relation with American Express, it is his portion of what the taxpayers will owe to help bail out American Express.

Fair reporting

On the 24th someone called you prejudiced. Mike, I've known you for nearly 50 years (even though neither of us are that old) and I must admit that you report the news fairly and I see very little if any bias or prejudice. There were some times that you and I did not agree, but my letter and voice was heard, and I appreciate that. And you do have a well balanced editorial policy, as well as what goes in SpeakOut.

Passing the buck

One of the more difficult tasks for the next administration to take on would be the prosecution of President Bush and members of his administration (i.e., John Ashcroft) for war crimes as a result of authorized but clearly illegal torture used on detainees. Indeed, because of so many other pressing problems, this may not be considered politically viable and the president and Congress may pass. Appointing a commission to look into it might appease some but would be an exercise in buck passing. If those responsible are not accountable, this will be forever be a stain on the United States.


John McMillen wrote letter about a non-existent world and claims our incoming president perpetuates and has us believing in a messianic myth. Ironically, it seems transparent to me that McMillen himself suffers from a clinical messianic complex and is so seriously out of touch with the real world point that there is need for immediate, and I do mean immediate, crisis intervention.

Make it illegal

If you don't want abortion, then we need to make it against the law and tell the kids to keep their pants pulled up. If they get pregnant, don't let them get an abortion. They need to make a law that if they get pregnant before they're 18 years old, then they need to send their butts to jail. Most parents would let their kids go ahead and have an abortion before they would let them raise a kid without a daddy. Abortion has got to stop. The only way you are going to get rid of abortion is to change the Constitution. Two-thirds of the American people are going to have to want it changed. I'd like to know where you get off at thinking Republicans are Christian people? If that's what you call Christian people, then I sure don't want to be a Republican.

Nothing like family

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope yours went better than mine. My Thanksgiving dinner got off to a bad start when I offered the prayer, one I had borrowed from another person. "If I get into an argument with a loved one, Lord, please make me the winner."

No place to eat

We went to town today, we live out in the country. We were trying to find a good place to eat. Sikeston don't have any. I don't know why we can't have any good places to eat that don't just serve sandwiches and stuff like that. I wish we had a Denny's here in Sikeston.

The working disabled

I think it is fraud and these people should be prosecuted in Morehouse. We got people on Disability and they're drawing a monthly check. Yet they are able to get out climb on roofs, rake leaves, mow yards and trim trees for cash money. I've been a subcontractor for 35 years. I pay taxes every year. For what - so these people on Disability can get a check every month, sell their pills and work for cash? Now the economy is slow and people like myself who have always worked for a living, we can't get unemployment or any other kind of government assistance. We can't afford Thanksgiving or have Christmas for our children. If an honest working person gets a real job, we have to show no felonies, pass drug screens and be treated like criminals. Yet people on Disability and food stamps don't have to do any of that.

He is in there

President elect Obama has been chosen to be our President. For the ones who chose not to vote for him, get over it. He is now going to be the President. Whether he should be in there or not, he is in there. Did Reagan stop abortion - no. Did Clinton stop abortion - no. Did Daddy Bush stop it - no. Did Baby Bush stop it - no. So why do you keep picking on Obama?