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SpeakOut 12-11

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A question of pride

This is a copy of comment I sent to SE Missourian but would like to also add it to your article and newspaper. Sikeston it seems has problems as well. I have known Jr. Delay since grade school and know him to be a person who takes great pride in his services to the people of Mississippi County and the city of Charleston. He does many things for the community that is never even mentioned and receives no pay for having done so nor does he look for recognition for services performed. Jr. takes pride in the community he has grown up in and unlike many others has chosen to stay there and represent the people to the best of his ability. I would think the people of Cape have more than enough problems of their own and would not have a need to go outside their community to report on news as did KFVS and also the SE Missourian. If there were more people elected to public offices such as Jr. Delay that truly cared for their community and took pride in their public services to said community there would be far less problems. I would say if a list were taken of all jobs Jr Delay does one would find he is actually saving the taxpayers of Mississippi County dollars. In times such as these is that not a rarity? I would say so. A supporter of Jr. Delay and a former resident of Charleston, Jimmy Sisk

The more you get, more you want

I totally agree with Mike Jensen's Sunday, Nov. 30, editorial regarding the abuse of Holiday benevolence. I, for one, was glad to see the Christmas Campaign dissolved for the very reason Mike stated. I'd also like to see other organizations take a serious look at who they are helping and be more selective. Many people are not as benevolent as they should be because of the segment who takes advantage of the generosity of others. Some people will think this is mean spirited because Christmas is for kids and "it's not the children's faults and they are the ones who will suffer." Of course it is not the children's faults because they didn't ask to be born, but in a few years those children will be having children who won't be at fault for being born and in a few more years it will be their children and so on and so on. When you keep giving to these same people, it absolves them of the parental responsibility of providing for their own children and it perpetuates a virtual sense of entitlement. They keep these expectations because this is what they have learned to do and we're the ones who have taught them. It spans generations and includes all races. We've unwittingly created a monster that can afford to buy cigarettes, booze, lottery tickets, cell phones, acrylic fingernails, hair extensions, etc. but not Christmas (nor a myriad of other things) for their own children! The more you give certain people, the more they want and the less they appreciate. These are the people who have ruined it for truly deserving people. I do feel very sorry for those who are in need because of circumstances beyond their control and I agree that they should be given a helping hand. There are also elderly people on fixed incomes who should not be forgotten. As for myself, I have learned that paying it forward is the best part of Christmas and will follow Mike's advice about picking and choosing a deserving recipient. I'm glad he said what needed to be said even though it probably won't sit well with some readers.

Virginia Slim sirloins

You meat cutters that work at a local grocery store, you need to wash your hands after coming in from your smoke break. I bought some meat from you last week. When I opened it after I got home, it just reeked with the smell of cigarette smoke.

Can't be both ways

I believe that people can be born homosexual and people can be born heterosexual like myself. But being bisexual is a sin. People weren't born to go both ways. It's wrong, it's a sin. It's a choice. Nobody is born to go both ways.

Where is Junior High

I am so confused. I read in the paper about the game played at the Junior High. Where is the Junior High? When the paper says that the game has been played at the Junior High, does that mean the 7th and 8th Grade Attendance Center?

Eat, dance and have a cold one

I am a resident of Miner. I know individuals keep harping on the loud music in a commercial area that is 3 hours a night, two days a week. Anybody and everybody needs a place to rest, that is true. We need a place to loosen our hair down and go out and relax a little bit. We're sorry it's an inconvenience, but you have to have patience with the other side, too. It's a business also. Where you are renting to stay for a few hours, that's a business also. Take that into consideration. If not, we're sorry, or I am. Go across the street, get you something to eat, dance a little bit and have a cold one. Then go back across the street and get you some rest.

Shop while its dropped

Now that we are officially in a recession, I would like to echo the inspiring words President Bush gave us after 9/11. Go shopping!