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SpeakOut 12-12

Friday, December 12, 2008

He is your president

I have heard many people unhappy with the election results say, "Well, he's not MY president." Those who say this are the most unpatriotic people in America. How can you say such a thing? Yes, you have the right to dislike our president or president-elect, and you have the right to disagree with his beliefs and/or policies. But to say that he is not your president? Personally, I didn't like Bill Clinton, and I don't like George W. Bush. Barack Obama has a lot to prove to me and many others, but he also has the opportunity to do so. Give him a chance. I hope (as I hope with every administration) that his presidency is one of which to be proud, and he will be MY president, because I am an American, and he will be the American president. George Bush is my president now, and I disagree with him on several issues, and I can deal with that. I am an educated, 29-year old white woman, born and raised in Sikeston. I love my family, my country and I have voted in every election since I have been of age. Those who are worried one way or another about one or two issues, like abortion, fail to understand that Republican, Democrat or Independent, our system is set up to prevent sweeping controversial change with the election of one man or woman. And to those of you who just can't bear the thought of an African-American leader and hide that racism behind your religion (or don't hide it at all), shame on you.

Black hearts

I went out shopping on Black Friday. I am disabled, but I got up early and went with a family member to a major store. I got there at 3 o'clock in the morning so I could make sure to get something my child wanted. Some girls came up and pushed me to the side with their cart. They were real friendly with a girl that worked there. After sitting there for two hours, she made me go to the end of the line when they were getting ready to cut the ribbon, letting her friends go first. She told me that she didn't believe I had been there since 3 o'clock when I explained it to her. I think it is really unfair when they let friendship and nepotism take effect in a big retail chain store. And by the way, the manager was there and saw it happen. I won't shop there anymore. I will go to Cape Girardeau and spend my money. The Christmas spirit was not very evident on Friday. It was Black Friday because some people have black hearts.

Will the real piper stand up

This is in response to "Pay the Piper." I do not believe that Barack is the antichrist. Nor do I believe many of the slanderous comments made about him in SpeakOut over the course of the election. However, that does not mean that I agree with his political philosophy. Frankly, I'm not much impressed with yours, either, Mr. Piper. Let me begin with a simple question: Who, in your opinion, is the piper? If your aim is to "spread the wealth" by giving to the poor, then I appreciate your altruistic attitude. It is good to give to those in need. Do so through your own personal charity. It may surprise you to learn that America was founded with a capitalist economy. Textbooks and literature alike refer to this system of economy as the "American Dream." You may be familiar with it. The idea is that anyone can come here and make something of themselves. Not everyone who is a millionaire has become one by cheating the system. You seem to be operating under the premise that money is a sign of some sort of evil in a person. While it is true that there are some people who do their best to get money in any corrupt, illegitimate, or downright illegal way possible, it does not mean that anyone who has money has gotten it in this fashion. Those who have truly "made" money have done so by honest, hard work. In money, they have a token of personal value that goes far beyond that of mere materialistic worth. They have given their best effort and have been compensated for it. Listen to yourself, for goodness' sake! PAY the Piper! You must be kidding. I generally pay people if they provide me with a good or service. For instance, I would PAY a taxi-cab driver if he drove me across town (or anywhere, for that matter). However, I would not pay the same driver if it was me driving him. The point is this: we must be fair. It is a gratifying feeling to help ease the burden in someone else's life. Even so, the lower and middle classes are not entitled to any money from the upper class. They did not earn it. It is NOT theirs. For them to take it would be stealing. The upper class can pay the piper if they feel compelled to do so, but no one should be able to force them to pay up for a tune they didn't want to hear. Also, "According to Webster," you are doing the same thing that Mr. Piper here has criticized. Sarah Palin is not ornithoid. Nor is she a pachyderm. If you don't know what those words mean, you can always look them up in your dictionary.