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SpeakOut 12-15

Monday, December 15, 2008

And the advantage goes to ...

The most obvious political effect of the Democrat's politically correct controlled news media is the advantage it gives Democrats in getting their political agenda pushed front and center, and always presented in the most favorable populist light; and of course in the media's relishing their assumed role as self-righteous prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of any Democrat's political opponents.

A simple philosophy

All an Obama government will be, in its essence, is organized exploitation of employers and private property owners. (Own a house? Yea, that's you too). In virtually all of Obama's much vaunted plans is the implacable enemy of every industrious and ambitious American. Obama's economic philosophy is simple, and can be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it! Unless of course it leaves an estate, in which case tax it double again!

Decent landlords, decent tenants

I read your comment in the newspaper on Monday about deadbeat tenants. Well if some of you deadbeat landlords would spend time repairing those no good houses you put up for rent, you may get a decent tenant. When they call to complain or to request something to be fixed, you tell them, "I'll get to it." The problem is when will you get to it? You want your money for rent but you do not want to put out any money to get those repairs done. Do you think that the tenants are to pay for them? They don't own the property, you do. Start repairing some of those no good, cold, rundown and raggedy houses. Spend some time repairing and I am sure you will get your rent on time. Pay your bills for repair. I am willing to bet that you would not live in any of the houses that you have for rent. Am I right or wrong? But you have the nerve to call people deadbeat tenants when most of you landlords are deadbeats yourself. As for me, I own my home. If I had to rent from one of you slumlords, I would call a repairman and take it out of your rent. If you take the rent money and put it back into the house instead of shopping with it, you may get a better clientele. Now that is my opinion, what's yours?

Leaf it to me

My name is Orlando Gross and I read the article about wanting someone who was willing to rake leaves. My number is 573-258-0848. I am willing to rake leaves for someone that is looking for somebody. Call me.


Someone needs to check out the Bingo halls in Dexter and Sikeston. The workers usually wind up winning the big games and that just does not happen. I have been playing for over 20 years, and there's no way any one person could win the big one every week. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd print this up.

Stolen election

God didn't pick Bush, He picked Al Gore. The Republicans stole the election from God in 2000.

Saving soles

For the person needing a shoe repairman, there is a quick fix shoe and boot repair at 209 S. Plaza Way in Cape. 573-335-1332.

- - -

To the person who is looking for a place to get cowboy boots resoled, Marcy's Shoe and Quick Fix Repair in Cape Girardeau at 335-2066. They are great.

Don't want to quibble

Someone described the content of John McMillen's letters to the editor as pseudo intellectual dribble I think he meant drivel. Anyway, I don't want to quibble with the phrase too much but I would also remove words pseudo and intellectual.

Neither here or there

I don't get it. Someone said he would have no president when Mr. Bush leaves office. However, the way I see it, he didn't have one while he was in office.

Not a patriot

I have notified the Department of Homeland Security. The caller who claimed he would not recognize Barack Obama as president should be deported to the 9th ward in New Orleans.

Reason for the season

Thanks to Susan Hampton, store manager of Super D, for putting Christ back into Christmas. I hope other businesses will catch the same Christmas spirit. Thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas.

Protect the pets

It's a sin to put a dog into a pit for another dog to tear the flesh off of him when he is just wanting to be friendly. And the man in Poplar Bluff who let the dog starve without food and water, should also get the maximum penalty. We need laws to protect our pets. We need tougher laws.

And that's the truth

Your story is based on false statements. You need to investigate this. Go talk to people that know this man. He is one of the good guys. He was a volunteer firefighter for years in Morehouse. This man wouldn't do something like this. He has helped damn near everyone in that community at one time or another. He would give you the shirt off his back if you need it. You guys need to find out the truth.

The true picture

John McMillen is correct about the picture painters in the mass liberal media who artfully create landscapes and vistas for us which deliberately hide the true picture.

O-20 - Bingo!

To all of you who believe that Barack Obama will clean up everything after Jan. 20, let me say I surely hope he starts with the unwanted disturbances at our local Bingo halls.

Look harder

I've seen the Sikeston boys basketball schedule in the paper two times now. I was just wondering who the genius was who put it in the paper and didn't put if it was a home or away game. What are you supposed to do - just take your chances and drive to one of the places and hope that it's there?

While the schedule has ran in a special ad section of the paper without home/away the same schedule with home and away games has ran several times in the sports section. We will make sure it is fixed for the ad section the next time it runs for those who don't read the sports section for basketball information.

Not a hero

Today's thing about electing a hero, the person that put that in is living in the dark. If he remembers, John Kerry was not a hero.

Let them be kids

It is "whack" how parents (more so mothers) and their children (more so daughters) have turned the junior high dances into more than what they should be. I think the school should send out a notice stating junior high dances will be casual (nice blue jeans and shirt, casual skirts/dresses or pants for everyone). Everyone feels they have to keep up with everyone else and therefore I hear people are buying flowers, getting limos, having manicures and pedicures and getting their hair fixed. This is junior high folks! If they get to do all of this in junior high, where do we go from here? What is there left to do - rent a helicopter? It's a shame we can't let our children be children a little longer. I think the school should make it a nice place for the kids to go, dance and hang out. If the school doesn't set some type of dress code, this will continue to go on and on and not everyone can afford to do this and not many want to do this when their children are so young. Help us out Mr. B.