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SpeakOut 12-16

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shut up or sign your name

This is to that disrespectful SpeakOut caller or writer that lambasted John McMillen in SpeakOut, putting down Mr. McMillen saying he owes an apology for supporting George Bush. I disagree with Mr. McMillen on some of his political views, but we are not going to bring this country together with that caller's kind of hateful low brow rhetoric. I know Mr. McMillen and I respect him. He is as decent and honest a man as you'll ever meet around here. It's time we got back to respecting each other's rights without wanting to destroy it's not going to make things any better by continuing this kind of tit for tat hate baiting rhetoric that's gone on for far too long in this paper. I think sir, or madam, whoever you are, you owe Mr. McMillen a public apology in SpeakOut for your mean spirited and hateful remarks you put in SpeakOut. It's one thing to go on a public rant about a national politician. But, if you are going to take issue with a letter writer in this paper, don't try to defame and impune that private citizen who has signed his name to his remarks. Or, at least have the guts to sign your own name to your hate speech so we can know who your are and then we can make our individual evaluations and judgments known to you when we see you around town. If you are not willing to do that when trashing another citizen of this community, then maybe you should keep your remarks to yourself. Only a coward operates like that.

It's their call

I read in Wednesday's paper about the 7th and 8th grade basketball games, but apparently missed the article about the 8th grade wrestling match that was also held Tuesday night with Sikeston, Cape, Dexter and Jackson. Could you tell me which paper that was/will be in?

The 7th and 8th grade basketball coaches called in their results but the wrestling coach did/has not. If the coach calls in we will be happy to run the information.

A bunch of lunatics

I bet John McMillen is very happy to amuse that insipid hate filled idiot democrat ranting in speak out in your Dec. 3rd edition. That democrat sounded like a paranoid maniac off his or her medication. I'm glad John McMillen shares with us something other than that same old tired lame democrat accusations, ridicule, and character assassination. That's all democrats know to do. That ol' stuff just bores us to death. At least John makes us think critically about the direction our country is sliding. That democrat operative asked why on earth Mr. McMillen would bring Christianity into the discussion? We all know that democrats think they're the only ones who can use religion in politics. We all know how deranged democrat fanatics have flooded the nation and these pages of speak out over the last several months with Obama lovers comparing Obama to Jesus Christ and His second coming. They even said on these speak out pages that "God" meaning Obama, would be in the White House come January 20th. Talk about a bunch of democrat lunatics, you John McMillen haters sure fill the bill.

Bailout, Bailout, Bailout

Why don't they bail out the seniors that are on Social Security? We have to pay for our Medicare, pay a deductible and then pay 20 percent of what Medicare don't pay plus our meds. Seems like all have forgot about the ones that worked all there lives and paid in Social Security. They had rather give it to the "illegals" than help the true American. They are pulling our country down to the level of Mexico.