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SpeakOut 12-18

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing Bible

If anyone has found a New International Bible in a brown zippered case, with a pocket, please return it to the office at First United Methodist Church or call 620-3925. It was lost Nov. 2.

Poet and don't know it

Hooray, hooray, so long O.J. The murderer and thief has been put away. I hope he'll be in prison for a long, long stay. And that's all I've got to say.

Show Me Proud

I love the piece that someone put in the paper about Missouri. I'm proud to be a Missourian, too. I hope they turn out good in Missouri. And I'm proud of Mike - the things he's fighting for in the paper. Keep up the good work, Mike. I think we ought to be proud of Missouri for the things they did when they voted. They voted for the Republican because he was a veteran. And those that voted against him, they probably weren't a veteran or nothing else, never did anything for their country.

Wait until January

Why don't Obama keep his mouth shut? He's trying to be president before he even takes office. He keeps putting Bush down, trying to boss and look at the money he's spent. Obama bought his way in. You know where he got his money, not from people in the United States, from people overseas.

- - -

I'm calling in response to the article about getting Claire McCaskill out and all the Democrats. I hope Jan. 20 hurries up and comes because it looks like we're going to be in such a mess that there is nothing anyone can do for us. Let's hope there's enough left to save the country.

It's not jealousy

I am calling in reference to the person who called about Michelle Obama's wardrobe and said they enjoyed reading SpeakOut comments that were seething with jealousy. I beg your pardon. We who did not vote for Obama are not seething with jealousy. We're sick to our stomachs. We could absolutely vomit every day because of the choice the people have made for the leader of our country. We know what he stands for. We know what he's all about, and his wife is part of it too! I beg your pardon, we're not jealous or envious. We just know that it is dangerous for our country. Everybody needs to pray, pray, pray!

Bad review

I mean, it has gotten to the point that they're all just so repetitive and, yes, boring. Couldn't someone once, just once, write a letter to the Standard Democrat saying that a local public performance, school or community sponsored event, the rodeo, the local theater or whatever was an abject and complete failure and bad mouth all the participants and sponsors?

Oh no, Oprah

I am completely outraged by the situation in Illinois. The American people are sick and tired of things like this happening and we must somehow, some way put a stop to it. I hope the rest of you feel as strongly as I do about the Chicago-based situation and will join with me in stopping this kind of cyclical behavior. I'm just crushed. Two hundred pounds. Why, Oprah, why?

Motion has been seconded

Yea, John McMillen! I second the motion in Tuesday's Dec. 9 SpeakOut nominating John McMillen for political office. He has done more to get under the skin of these thin skinned narrow minded democrats around here than anyone in Southeast Missouri. He's taken a lot of insults and slurs from conspiring small minded SpeakOut imbeciles over the years, but he doesn't back down. To heck with Lt. Governor, I think John should be running for Jo Ann Emerson's seat. At least we'd have somebody that would be something more than a 'go along, me too' democrat appeaser. That's all we've had in Jo Ann for years. She hasn't taken a tough stand and fought for anything truly conservative. Just always takes the political easy way out on most issues. She's just another finger-in-the-wind democrat masquerading as a conservative republican. Give 'em hell John.

Missing event

Wrestling Tournament at Affton High. Sikeston worked really hard this past weekend. Blake Angle even won first place in his weight group. Why is there nothing in the paper about that? I know this is basketball season, but there are other sports going on guys. C'mon now, let's get our wrestlers the recognition they deserve.