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Speakout 12-31

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Going postal

I hope the 60-year-old, post-menopausal lady who said she doesn't recognize Barack Obama as her president doesn't go postal.

Dog days of winter

Today is Dec. 22, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and it's 3 degrees outside. I just stopped by the Sikeston Area Humane Society to look at the dogs that are trying to live outside. They have frozen water and no food, no straw or blankets, any type of bedding or even any kind of wind-break to protect them from the cold. Is this a humane society? Are these people paid by the city of Sikeston to take care of the animal problem? Why would anyone neglect these animals? I'm trying to find an answer to this. Please respond.

According to a spokesperson at the Humane Society, the dogs do have bedding and houses with hay in them. The water is broken every day so the animals are able to drink. The dogs that are outside get fed daily and even get extra food in the winter. The Dept. of Agriculture brought approximately half of the outside dogs to the Humane Society, knowing full well that they would be taken care of properly.

Born gay

I don't think people would choose to be gay if they had the choice. I think they are and can be born that way. I don't think anyone would choose to be gay and have to listen to ridicule and prejudice from biased people.

Sassy Santa

I enjoyed the special edition of the paper with the Santa letters. Although, I think you need to make a special edition for the child prodigies that are 1-3 years old that can write as well as they did. I can understand them wanting a doll or something, but when it comes to giving a Christmas list for grandpa, grandma, cousin Ernie and Auntie Em, come on parents, that's caring it a little too far!

No basis for future

Speaking out about the Christmas gift for Scott Central vs. Sikeston. That's a nice gift, but you can not base the past on the future. Let the teams play twice, 1A or 5A, so what - both teams go out of their bracket. Scott Central No. 1 in my life.

- - -

First of all, try not base the past on the future if that's the case when Marcus Timmons and Mark Mosely where playing. Why didn't Sikeston want to play Scott County Central? Oh, I know why, SCC team was good - since out of four years they only lost about six games when M.T. and M.M. played. And all those questions keep them to your self about SCC ball players. Just a reminder, those SCC ball players, their parents, uncles and aunts are basketball stars, superstars and just stars! The good talent runs in the family. SCC is No. 1 in my life. SCC team will play 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A. Scott County Central will beat Sikeston regardless of size.