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Speakout 1-4

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stop, look and speak out

As a SpeakOut commentator, I feel it is my duty to report what I observe. David Jenkins recently responded to an obvious tongue in cheek comment charging him with lookism by characterizing the commentator's comment as "asinine." This can only lead one to conclude that all commentary about Jenkins must stop because he may misinterpret it and blow a gasket. As a result, Jenkins will learn that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.

I think I would lose all kinds of sleep if people stopped commenting about me in Speak Out. The comments are always so enlightened, especially those comments from people who misinterpret my column. Boy that sure would teach me.

So sorry

Whoever criticized David Jenkins for doing his rigorous and thankless duty as a reporter by observing what teenage girls wear should publicly apologize.


Rocked the boat

What is this world coming to when a person cannot spend the holidays with family without coming home and finding their property was vandalized? To the person or persons that tried to steal the motor off our boat, thank you for destroying most of the interior. I hope that our dog got a piece of you or at least scared you. Maybe you would think twice about doing it again. Just to let you know, he can get out of his pen if he needs to. It is a sad day when the family pet has to protect our home. We have now installed cameras around our property so we can see who comes to our house. What a sad way to live.

Animals don't like ammonia

To the person that recommended spraying Windex on trash bags to keep animals from getting into it. Actually it is the ammonia in the Windex that deters animals from tearing into the trash and ammonia can be purchased at about a third of the price of Windex.

New or nothing

Will the two post offices in Mississippi County please replace their flags? They are torn to pieces and hang 24/7. They are not to fly without a light at night and neither one has a light on. The least they can do is hang a new one or none at all is better than what is there now.

Delayed arrest

It is interesting that the Sikeston Department of Public Safety knew the names of two men involved in a violent robbery, apparently knew their location but waited more than two weeks to search them out for arrest - and then only after the victim died. Apparently the rest of Sikeston is fortunate that these two men didn't use their more than two weeks of freedom to assault and possibly kill another person.