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SpeakOut 1-07

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sikeston not very brave

I read the Dec. 24 sports page and I still can't believe what was said about the Braves. They are a 1A (Class 1) school. If Sikeston would win the match-up it's because they were supposed to. Scott Central has many larger class teams on its schedule and play some of the areas best in the Christmas Tourney every year. You gotta respect that and all the state titles they have. Let me say also it would be the greatest thing for these young ball players to play a game like this. It would not only give Scott County (Sikeston and SCC) something to talk about. It would give them big game experience prior to a possible state trip, it would be the talk of the state and the whole region. It would draw scouts and much needed attention to the great ballplayers that come from this area. It seems to me that Sikeston Administration has every excuse in the book not to play a game with the Braves. And it is a shame that they think they could not handle the crowd. For Pete's sake, we have a DPS, a very capable force to handle any problem. This is not a bash against Sikeston but let me say, why? Why does every other town like Poplar Bluff and Cape get all the big games and attention? Why can't Sikeston be the epicenter for a showdown of its own? I say let's do something great in Scott County. Let's put Sikeston and SCC in the limelight. Both teams have great talent and let the so-called trouble between the two schools be put to rest. We are better than the past. Thanks for the great story Josh and David.

- - -

Sikeston has had an average team for most of the years since 1971, where SCC's record is unparalleled. Sikeston is in a no-win situation because the only reason they have had some decent teams are when players like Mike Porter move to Sikeston because his daddy had problems. I played with Melvin and he was always trying to match up with his big brother and couldn't quite do it. Sikeston will continue to be a decent team with the help of Porter until his family goes through the system and then they will be back to normal. The classier teams of SEMO like Cape, Notre Dame and Charleston never were scared to play Scott Central. It just seems funny that Sikeston doesn't want to play SCC even with some of SCC's former players. The state of Missouri knows who the class acts of SEMO basketball are and Sikeston doesn't even make the list when you look at history.

Dog days in the White House

Will you please find out if I'm right about the White House dogs? Old Daddy Bush had this dog in the White House, and if I can recall right, her name was Heidi. She had some puppies while Daddy Bush was still in the White House and it made him a grandpa. He called himself grandpa to Heidi's puppies. I forgot how many she had. Could you find that out also?

President Bush's dog was a Springer Spaniel named Millie, and it gave birth to several puppies while living at the White House. One of these puppies, Spot, became First Dog to President George W. Bush. Spot is the only dog to live in the White House during two administrations. Eisenhower's dog was named Heidi.