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SpeakOut (published 01/11)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trophy trashing

I would like to comment on the tournament held in Poplar Bluff last week that the Bulldogs were in. I witnessed poor sportsmanship from a certain member of the team. After he accepted the trophy, he walked by and acted like he was throwing it in the trash. That reflected poorly on the whole team and I personally know several kids on that team and know how dedicated they are and how very hard they work. I would like for this young man to know that your true fans love you if you place fifth, first or not at all.

Refuse the stimulus package

I would like all of the SpeakOut critics of incoming President Obama to publicly pledge to refuse any money that may be coming their way, directly or indirectly, as a result of the soon to be implemented stimulus package, designed in part to save the butts of a lot of those who bad mouth him.


Blagojech, now Bill Richardson, just a pin head of the mountain of Obama corruption that is the essence of the Democrat party. The party that played prosecutor, judge and jury for the last 50 years on what is acceptable and not acceptable in public life. The press are Democrat Pit Bulls well-trained to tear apart Democrat targeted opposition on command. Who now will step up and prosecute the prosecutors? Nearly half, over $300 million, of Obama's campaign contributions came from donors of under $200 is the claim. This was touted by the press as a sign of favor by the masses, and God. Why then won't Obama release the names of these wonderful donors for public scrutiny? How much of that money came from Hamas, and/or other foreign anti-American groups using names like Mickey Mouse or I.B. Afrikan? And, how about the millions in contributions that busted open the caps on individual donations, that went way above the legal limits? No main stream media curiosity about any of that, huh? Just flick the fleas off the shoulders of the Messiah - that's the media's appointed task of the day, for the next four years.

Going menopausal postal

On the comment about the "post menopausal woman" not recognizing Obama as her president, who said this was a woman, and are you implying something wrong with the mentality of our postal workers by "going postal?" I recognize my postal workers for what they are and most are decent enough. Is post menopausal a serious condition? Gosh, I better tell my Mom - she's almost 90 now and I wonder if she knows to watch out? Maybe a post menopausal witch will fly by and get me if I go outside, or "dive bomb" my car like the pigeons do - witchy dooo - oh no!