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Some players are just wasting talent

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picture this...

You're well over six feet tall, built like a tank and lazy as a bum. I don't understand it. After watching my fair share of high school sports in the past few years, I've noticed several players that just waste talent left and right and it's quite sickening.

In the last few weeks alone, I've seen a few kids that just don't care about what they've been blessed with obviously, because they do nothing to further their game. It's simple, if you're talented, muscular and can jump, you can dominate skinny, non-talented players that can't jump. Please, for the love of sports, do so.

I hope some kids will read this. I hope they'll get their stuff together and start working on their future. Talent comes and goes, but so does high school and that's when the scouts are watching. By the way, no specifics here, just a few players that have potential through the roof. I hope you all succeed.

I'm fresh off of two entertaining games at Charleston High School. The first, last Friday evening, provided the Sikeston Bulldogs a difficult victory over an improving Bluejay squad. The second, Tuesday night, gave Charleston a nail-biter against NMCC. If Deonte Jones had been on the old school EA Sports basketball video games he would've had that little red circle under his player for having the hot hand. Jones lit up the Eagles five times behind the 3-point line. He's my MVP of the week so far. He'll get an even bigger test Friday night against the Scott Central Braves' defense. Advantage, SCC defense.

Speaking of SCC defense, it may not be tested against the Sikeston Bulldogs this season, or in my lifetime for that matter. I, for one, am sadly disappointed that this game may not take place this season or in the near future because of the drama that happened nearly 40 years ago. It's a good thing we don't all hold grudges forever. I'd still be mad at my parents for not getting me a dog when I was eight and making me wait until I was nine. Oh well, at least I got one... this game, I (we) may not get. Call it being on my soapbox or not. Thank you Speak Out caller, you are my inspiration.

The game has drawn a lot of publicity lately in case you've been on a leave of absence from southeast Missouri. If you read ANY forum board, like them or not (the forum boards that is), the game has drawn quite a bit of hype. So, speculation has drawn in the recent days that there was a meeting or was going to be a meeting or is going to be a meeting. Only time will tell. I'll be in a meeting. Buzz me when you hear an answer.

For those that are out of the loop, there was an additional plan drawn out, to host the game at the Show Me Center along with two additional schools, Oran and Saxony Lutheran. The four teams were supposed to play as follows earlier that same week: Sikeston vs. Oran and Scott Central vs. Saxony Lutheran. The squads were going to mix and match to set-up the SHS vs SCC contest. No 'official' word yet on what may or may not take place.

But, for kicks, let's look at what this game could do for both squads.

Both schools have great offensive players. Scott Central probably has the best defense in the entire area, possibly the state. We'll find out later in the season, in Columbia I'm sure. The Bulldogs on the other hand, have Michael Porter and a pretty solid supporting cast. Will Holifield knocked down six 3's against Freddy on Tuesday. Hopefully SHS will get a chance to show their ability on the Tigers' floor later this season as well.

Good test for SCC's defense, good test for Sikeston's offense. The Braves' press is solid, but so is the team play from the Bulldogs this season. A great, renewed rivalry matchup before districts would benefit both schools.

Throw out all the small school bull hockey. Throw out the heightened security and the who came from who's family tree nonsense. The teams are what they are -- both good. It'd be good to see them battle it out on the floor. Odds of it happening, slim. If the game doesn't happen or get scheduled for next year, look for it on top of my Not-So-Top 10 list.

Again, the word of the day, talent, commonly defined as a natural ability. Use it if you've got it. I'll see you next week.