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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Helping with stress

This is in regards to the Xanax article. I am very grateful to my doctor providing it for me. Without it, my life would be very stressful. I have severe panic attacks, and I really feel like it helps me when I take it. I don't take it daily, just when I feel a panic attack coming on. I can function just fine without it, but under an attack it is easier to deal with things and I'm a much nicer person at this time. I love my children and show them daily. I think my family is more grateful that I can take a medicine to help me deal with emotion during that time. Please don't pass judgment on all mothers who take it. I could certainly see where it would upset you to have a child say that their parent looks drunk. Not everybody that takes it acts like that.

You are a hero

This is for the man who doesn't consider himself a hero just because he served in the armed forces. I, for one, do consider you and all who serve heroes. I came from a long line of people who proudly served their country from World War I until the current war in Iraq. I consider each and every one of them a hero and thank God each day for them and all who served. Yes sir, to me you are a hero and God bless you for it.

Pray for our country

Let us pray for our new elected president Obama that he can help bring this country back to where it should be. Let's face it, the only one that can put our country back on track is God. Man can't do it. God is the only answer to the situation and the problems we're having in this country today. You can't look toward man to solve our problems, man is our problem. You have to look toward God. If our country would go back to God you would definitely see a change in this country, and it's such a simple, simple thing to do. Let God take full control. We hope and pray that people will stand behind Obama and help him in anyway that we can. The office he's stepping into has very serious problems. Support our president as much as we can. Our only hope is God.