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Friday, January 16, 2009

Future thoughts

One of the many things I've had trouble coping with is that the future just isn't what it used to be

The way the ball bounces

This is in response to the idiot who called saying that Sikeston has only had a decent team since 1971. That is the most ridiculous comment. Sikeston has a great team and it isn't only Mike who contributes to the team - look at Cal, Qualin, Darryl and the others. Yes in my opinion Mike is a great player one of the best and he has a future ahead of him. But for crying out loud don't bash his father in the paper he is just a kid. Grow up.

- - -

If the Sikeston/SCC game does NOT happen, don't blame it on the Sikeston administration. Instead, blame it on those of you who are constantly working to create all the "hype" over this game. The fact is, there are Sikeston players who have attended SCC and there are SCC players who have attended Sikeston. Many of the players involved have played together on AAU teams and are good friends. A couple of SCC players were there this past summer to help Michael work on our family's home that burned in Cape. And I'm sure that some of the SCC players would tell you that their basketball skills were greatly enhanced by traveling all over the state these last few years and playing in over a hundred games with the "Sikeston Porters". I've read some really negative remarks lately, including one claiming that Michael's father could never keep up with Otto's father (who is 4 years older). Come off it! You'll probably soon be picking on my 13 year old for not being as good as his brother Michael! When we invested our time and money into developing the boys' skills, we did it for two reasons: No. 1, to keep them busy and out of trouble, and No. 2, to possibly help them earn a college scholarship. And when I say "boys", I don't just mean our own, but all the others who have played with us from Sikeston AND SCC. It seems like there are so many people who want this game, just so they can get in someone's face to brag about their school. If we DO play each other, it is to help both teams get better for the ultimate goal of making it to the championship. Now, to those of you who have made "positive" remarks about the game - it's like I've told my 4th and 5th graders so many times, "It's a shame when a few students spoil things for the whole class!" So, quit saying "They are scared". The only thing they are scared of is what could happen to families and friendships when other people get carried away with their attitudes. Thank you for your time. Kathy Porter