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2010 is a great year for reunions

Friday, January 16, 2009

The year 2010 marks an important anniversary for the City of Sikeston. This is the year that we will celebrate the 150th birthday of this fair city. The sesquicentennial celebration promises to be a year filled with carnivals, parades, re-enactments, tours, special events, and hopefully lots of reunions.

The founding fathers of Sikeston and Miner, together with their friends and neighbors, set out to put a name and face on their hopes and dreams. We, the citizens of this great area, are the result of those long ago yearnings.

In the face of this celebration, isn't it time for you to plan a reunion? A reunion of your high school graduating class, a reunion of family, a reunion of military buddies from this area, a reunion of your sorority or fraternity, even a reunion of that long ago baseball team or ballet class!

I can't think of a better time, or a better place. Sikeston will be all dressed up in their Sunday best for the year 2010, and with the addition of the new Drury Inn, we'll be "THE PLACE TO BE" in 2010. Gather those mailing lists, start your searches on Google, set a date on the calendar, and begin! You know you want to see that person you sat next to in choir, and haven't seen in 20 years. You know you want to show off those pictures of your children and grandchildren to your sorority sisters. You know you want to know how that guy or gal that trained next to you for military service is doing. And you know you want Aunt Helen to come to your family reunion because she makes the BEST banana pudding!

The place is HERE, the time is NOW! Start planning your reunion, and I will be glad to help! At the Convention & Visitors Bureau, we can help you find the perfect location for your reunion, we can help you with catering, and we'll prepare Visitor's Bags for all of your attendees. Don't put it off another year. Call me at 573-471-6362 and we'll work it out together! HAPPY NEW YEAR!