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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Let's celebrate changes ahead

Sunday, January 18, 2009

History will be made Tuesday with the inauguration of Barack Obama as our nation's president. For those of us who did not favor his candidacy, it's time to shelve partisan politics for the moment and to celebrate the peaceful, democratic change in our government.

Since his election in November, Obama has shifted his position on several fronts. That is a welcome sign. It shows he is willing to move from the campaign rhetoric to the practical implementation of federal policy, as most expected would happen. His challenge ahead is to resist the radical shifts from some within his political party. We pray he is up to that challenge.

It's also time for the national media to end their slanted love affair with our new president and hold him to the same level of accountability that we would all expect. As I have said before, the biggest loser in the November election was the national media who lost all respect for impartial, detached reporting. Too see it any other way is to ignore the obvious.

Here's one small example. This week's inauguration will be the most expensive in history. I have absolutely no problem with the lavish activities that will be displayed in Washington, D.C. This change in our top management is such a rare event, I believe we should display our pride on the world stage.

But just four short years ago, the national media spent extensive time criticizing the Bush administration for their inaugural expense. Yet not one word has been written or spoken in the national media over the Obama inaugural price tag. There are dozens of similar comparisons which clearly expose the national media for their obvious bias.

Once again, I blame not the Obama forces for their plans. I celebrate those plans. I do, however, blame the media for doing yet another disservice to the American people.

For those who expected instant change with the upcoming administration, you will likely be disappointed. And for those who expected instant failure, you too will be disappointed.

The strength of our nation is not in our diversity. Our strength is in our determination. And determination knows no political party. It lies within our souls, our spirit and our drive to make our land better for ourselves and our children.

I will watch this momentous occasion not with a somber heart and a regret on the outcome of the election. Instead I will join with millions of others in the hope that our future is stronger than our past and our path ahead is a fair one for all Americans.

Someone sent me a fascinating e-mail this week that shared the words of a wise American.

"You don't multiply wealth by dividing it." I can only hope those words are heard in Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks and months. Because if those words are ignored, then our path will be rocky.