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Speakout 1-17

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do unto others

President Elect Obama has called on all Americans to make Jan. 19, a day of public service. This doesn't have to be a big, organized project, and since many of us will be working that day, it doesn't require an all-day commitment. Take a moment and look around your neighborhood or workplace. Here are a few ideas: Help a neighbor with a task, offer to babysit for a friend or co-worker who needs to run errands, visit a shut-in or a nursing home, pick a street or two and pick up trash, write a letter to a serviceman or woman, volunteer a few hours at the Humane Society or one of our local charities. The possibilities are endless, once we realize that any random act of kindless qualifies. Our country is embarking on a new path. Let's join in and do whatever we can.

Grocery angel

I would like to tell everybody about an angel I met in the grocery store yesterday. I was in there getting my groceries and I didn't quite have enough to pay for what I got - I liked about $11.32. Well, I was gonna leave my stuff where it could be put back and she just told me here, I'll give it to you. I know she had to be an angel, she had to be sent here right behind me. I know I'm not supposed to mention a grocery store's name and I don't know her name, but I heard somebody call her Dorothy. I just want to thank her and thank God she was there to help me.

Over and over

Mike, Regarding your tiredness addressed in your column is easily answered. Life is not explained by the maxim, "It's not one thing after another." No, "It's one damn thing over and over." Thus, your weariness.

No second best

It's not the player's fault. The Sikeston high school basketball player who allegedly made a gesture like he was throwing a 3rd place trophy into the trash was merely mirroring society's endless emphasis on the idea that it's number one or nothing.


We (the Lady Bulldogs) need to work together and stop turning the ball over so much, that is the big problem. We lose cause of the turnovers, not how we play. The truth is we can beat the teams. We have so many turnovers. We work on that we going to do alright.