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Political divide keeps growing

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The political polarization of America has reached new heights. And through years of monitoring the political landscape of this great nation, I have never witnessed anything remotely comparable.

Actually, you might have to go back to the Civil War to find such stark differences on social, economic and political issues.

The examples are endless.

President Obama and the Congressional Democrats cut a deal with the labor unions - the bread and butter of the party - and not one Obama supporter raises an eyebrow.

The Obama administration offers blatant bribes to Nebraska, Louisiana and Florida - among others - for support on the health care overhaul, and the liberals defend the move.

Conservatives meanwhile voice true amazement that such unbelievably shady deals are not widely denounced. And yet, from the left, there is only silence.

I doubt there is anything that the President could do to shake his supporters from his side. And truthfully, there is little the President could do to garner any support from the political right.

In short, we have a divided nation perhaps unlike any time in our history.

Where is the outcry from those who have expensive "Cadillac" health care plans that are not exempt from higher taxes like the labor unions? Where is the outcry from states like Missouri that were not awarded a sweetheart deal on the health care debacle?

It's not the cries of foul coming from the right that bothers me. It's the absolutely lemming-like stance of the left that bewilders me the most.

It's commonplace for administration supporters regardless of their party affiliation to benefit from their political victories. That much is understood. But is there no limits to which this administration will go to tip the scales in the direction of their base?

What happens when we redistribute the wealth as promised and we awaken to a bankrupt nation with runaway inflation? Will those liberals lemmings still follow their master over the cliff?

Sadly the answer is yes.

Though a dedicated conservative, I don't want to constantly throw daggers at this administration. Despite my great disappointment, the President is indeed the President. I respect the office and like millions of others, pray for our collective success.

But the polarization comes from actions that many of us deem sleazy, misguided and massively detrimental to the future of this nation. So how can you avoid speaking out against a direction so misguided?

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen