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Border war: We must face issue

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last week I addressed the apparent disconnect between the current administration in Washington, D.C., and the issue of illegal immigration. Either this administration knows something we don't know or they turn a blind eye to illegal immigration for other motives.

But being fair and balanced - to steal a phrase - the prior administration was no better at stemming illegal immigration nor did they have any design on what to do or when to do it.

Political pundits have begun to label the illegal immigrants as "undocumented Democrats" and perhaps therein lies the lack of concern for the assault on our southern borders.

I predicted nearly a decade ago that the issue of illegal immigration will someday eclipse virtually all other issues of concern in this nation. I stick with that prediction today.

Let's look at just one small aspect of the immigration problem. Forget for a moment the financial burden placed on our health delivery system by the flood of illegal immigrants. Also forget the burden on the education community and don't even mention the cultural changes just around the corner.

Concentrate today on the violence associated with the drug trade just immediately south of our border as a glimpse into the future.

Two rival drug cartels battling to dominate both the drug trade and the movement of illegal immigrants across our borders clashed in a deadly gun battle last week on a rural road just 12 miles south of our border. When the smoke cleared, 21 people were dead.

The carnage didn't make the headlines because it has become virtually commonplace.

But the real battle ground is Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican town that borders El Paso, Texas. Last year alone, 2,600 murders were reported there. You could literally hear the gunfire in El Paso.

That body count of 2,600 is Detroit, Washington, D.C., New York and Miami on steroids. It makes Afghanistan and Iraq pale by comparison.

With that level of violence knocking on our southern door, it's just a matter of time before it crosses our border.

Illegal immigration poses more problems for this nation than we are currently able to handle. Under current policy, there is no end in sight to the daily flow of thousands into this country. Yet we still lack an effective plan to address the issue. More importantly, there appears little discussion of substance on the issue by those we entrust to protect this nation.

Illegal immigration is neither a conservative nor liberal issue. Addressing the problem seems to hold little interest in our nation's capital.

If politicians of both parties are ignoring the issue to curry favor with a new group of voters then we'll all pay an enormous price. And those politicians should someday be held accountable.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen