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Chaffee, Charleston put tune up time to good use on Friday night

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charleston's Kamari Allmon runs for yardage against Fredericktown on Friday night.
(Chris Pobst, Staff)
CHARLESTON -- Jamboree night usually serves one valuable purpose.

It gives coaches and players both the opportunity to see what needs to be tweaked against real competition without the repercussions of a real game being on the line.

At Charleston High School on Friday night, Charleston, Chaffee, Malden and Fredericktown all had that chance to see what last minute changes needed to take place before games begin to count.

"Obviously, we had some mistakes," Charleston head coach Brett Blackman said. "But, you want to have them happen this week. I don't think we're a bad football team. We do have some talent, but we made some mistakes that we need to improve on. It's better to find that out this week, then have them all happen next week."

The Bluejays took their first snaps against the Fredericktown Blackcats. In their first plays on offense, Charleston was unable to figure out how to get the ball past the goal line against the Blackcats. When both teams alternated sides, Fredericktown notched three touchdowns against the Bluejays.

Although all eyes were on the players and what they were doing on the field, Blackman suggested that preparation on part of the coaches may have to improve before week one of the regular season.

"As a staff, we're going to put our kids in a better position to get the job done next week," Blackman said. "We saw some things on defense that we need to do a better job coaching on. We saw some things offensively too that we need to do better on."

The Chaffee Red Devils saw their night get better as it went on according to head coach Charlie Vickery. The Red Devils played against the Malden Green Wave and the Charleston Bluejays.

"Honestly, as the night went on, I thought we got a lot better," said Vickery. "I think we had a pretty good scrimmage against Charleston and I think we got some of the jitters out. I think it really benefitted us, especially with the young kids that we have."

Cleaning up certain aspects of the game such as tackling and holding on the the football were just a few of the things coaches were looking out for. Vickery noted that one for him was the snap.

"Since we were in the gun quite a bit, you always worry about snaps," Vickery said. "We have a new center in there this year. But, our snaps were good.

"There are some things we need to clean up like tackling and things like that, but we'll take a look at the film and see how things went."

Both Vickery and Blackman will use the jamboree as a learning tool for the real thing next Friday when it counts.

"We'll get that ironed out this week," Blackman said. "We just have to put our kids in better position to be successful next week."