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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Religion remains basis of nation

Sunday, September 19, 2010

There seems to be an all-out assault on religion during this turbulent election cycle. Liberal political pundits - notably Bill Maher - are outspoken in their contempt for candidates who wear their religious convictions on their sleeves.

Jon Stewart - yet another left-wing comedian/commentator - constantly pokes fun at the religious community and specifically those candidates who base many of their political positions on religious beliefs.

To say this anti-religious movement is dangerous is an understatement. In the long-term, this open and aggressive hatred of organized religion can undermine the foundation of this great nation.

But as usual, the national media pays little attention to this growing trend. And unless national voices rise in opposition to this trend, there will someday be a price to pay.

Granted there are religious zealots in any political movement on the right and the left. But this liberal leaning trend is more than a quick comment or a dropped punch line.

Perhaps it's fear over Muslim extremists that has opened this religious discussion. Perhaps it's the Tea Party movement that is open with their religious convictions.

But regardless of the origins, the discussion is public and vocal and concerning.

We have a President who is perhaps less visibly religious than many in the past. I won't question his sincerity because that is between him and his God. And who am I to judge?

But combined, all of these issues have thrust religion near the top of the political discussion.

Christians need to view this sea change as an opportunity. Political leaders need not pound their chest and shout their religious convictions. But they should stand ready to share their faith when asked.

We've largely abandoned religion in our schools and our public settings. And I believe there will someday be a price to pay for this abandonment. The frightening possibility is that we'll pay that price sooner than later.

Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen