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Voters say no to liberal policies

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well, by golly, we had ourselves an election. And in my hyper-partisan, ultra-conservative, anti-socialist, small-government opinion, it went fairly well.

But then again, you probably assumed that much already.

Two relatively brief comments on the aftermath of this historic election.

First, the talking points of the Democratic party were worked out well in advance of the final vote tally. Given the apparent "shellacking" the Democrats were facing, I believe they arrived on the message that the vote reflected a deficiency in their "communications" and not in their policies.

I can only hope they cling to that approach and re-elect Nancy Pelosi as their now-minority leader. That combination will surely bode well for the GOP in 2012.

But closer to home - and perhaps even more absurd - is the contention from soundly-defeated Robin Carnahan that "outside money" doomed her battle against Roy Blunt for Missouri's senate seat.

"Outside money?" Seriously?

Let's see. Blunt carried 112 counties. Carnahan listed $1.5 million in donations from outside of Missouri. The Democratic Senatorial Committee threw in another $2.3 million in her election bid.

And she's blaming outside money?

For some odd reason, I am having trouble connecting the dots on Ms. Carnahan's reasoning.

Brother Russ Carnahan narrowly defeated Ed Martin to retain his seat in Congress and that's in an ultra-safe district long held by Dick Gephardt. Let's just say it wasn't a banner day for the Carnahan clan.

When Missouri election history is someday written, Robin Carnahan's campaign will be cited as one of the worst of the lot. She never lead in any poll and was outworked and out-campaigned by the Blunt forces.

When President Obama visited Kansas City on behalf of the Carnahan campaign and uttered the famous words that he "needed" Robin Carnahan's vote to advance his agenda, her fate was sealed.

Blunt's forces pounced on the image and made certain that all Missourians knew where she stood.

Last Tuesday, Missouri voters clearly and resoundingly said they did not want another vote for the current administration.

It wasn't "outside money" Robin. Even in defeat, don't fool yourself into believing that hogwash.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen