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Missourians should welcome the signing of drug-testing law

Saturday, July 16, 2011

With absolutely no fanfare, Gov. Jay Nixon this week signed into law a bill by Rep. Ellen Brandom that mandates drug testing for some welfare recipients.

The reason for the silent treatment at the signing was obvious. Nixon would alienate many of his voters had he signed the bill with ample hoopla.

But regardless of the political aspect, this new change in Missouri should be welcome news. The public is growing increasingly tired of providing taxpayer funds to allow lifestyles that flaunt abuses on the system.

I have never understood why some would oppose measures such as drug testing or even photo IDs for voting. These two common sense approaches are designed to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules of society.

Granted, the Democrats portray these measures as somehow imposing barriers on their potential voters - in the case of the photo IDs - or targeting one population - as in the drug testing measure.

The argument against drug testing is simply ludicrous. What is unfair about taxpayers demanding that their tax dollars not be used to purchase drugs? And if there is what appears to be clear-cut evidence of drug use by a welfare recipient, why should not the state have the right to test that individual?

Missouri's drug testing measure is one in a growing trend in this country. After years of abuse to the welfare system, taxpayers are finally saying "enough is enough."

The drug testing bill should have had more attention in Jefferson City. Instead, the bill signing was relegated to a private office without the glare of the media.

Regardless of the political aspect, we welcome this measure to Missouri and we hope it puts on notice those who would abuse the system.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen