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Democrats need to cut childish acts, spending

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Political commentators on the liberal side of the dial are having a heyday with the debt ceiling debate. Labeling the GOP as childish and "spoiled kids who want their way," the left hopes to push public sentiment toward the administration's plan to tax now and perhaps cut later.

But in fact, the GOP seems to contain the only adults in the room. When faced with a massive spending problem, who in their right mind would seek more revenue to spend? And only a neophyte to the political game would believe that potential cuts in spending will actually happen unless mandated.

In short, the Democratic position on the debt ceiling debate is pure folly. But the dismal state of the economy is no laughing matter.

I'm sick of worrying over the financial future of my children and grandchildren. I want no promises for their future, but I also don't want them to be saddled with an unsustainable debt that will hamper their potential for the American dream.

And while we're at it, just what is that American dream?

I have always operated under the assumption that the American dream was our freedom to seek the best opportunities for our families if we provide the hard work, sacrifice and dedication to seek those dreams.

But increasingly, we're told that the American dream is to make those sacrifices to assist others who fail to make the same sacrifices. We're told that the government knows better than we do on just how to conduct our lives and how to allocate our resources.

Two years ago when I heard the mantra, "We need to spend our way out of debt," I honestly thought it a joke. But by golly there are those who actually believe that route.

Yet despite the total failure of the stimulus spending, we're told to believe the economy would have been worse without that massive outlay of tax dollars.

The absolute beauty in that liberal argument is that you can never prove nor disprove what "might" have happened without that spending.

Don't look behind that curtain -- just believe what we tell you!

No ladies and gentlemen, it is not the GOP that is acting childish in this debate. Only a child would ignore all the facts and still demand to have their way.

There may be children in this debate but you'd better look toward the administration to find that answer.

What part of "cut spending" do they not understand?

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen