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Time for real action not more speeches

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Got a problem? Give a speech! Problem solved!!The President will address a joint session of Congress this week with his latest jobs plan. He'll undoubtedly tell us that the current unemployment crisis is not his fault and that, but for his superb leadership, we'd be in a much worse mess.

He'll tell us that his bold leadership shelved hundreds of new proposed regulations last week that would have severely hurt the business community. He won't tell us that the jobs-killing regulations were his idea in the first place and that he buckled under intense pressure from Republicans and business leaders.

He'll likely tell us that we sorely need bipartisan compromise to jump-start the economy. But he won't condemn the partisan rhetoric that recently spewed from the mouth of his fellow traveler Maxine Waters or union leader Jimmy Hoffa.

And in the end - when the teleprompter has provided the final words - he'll tell us that we need to spend more money to solve an economic crisis created by overspending.

In highly predictable fashion, the usual suspects in the media will embrace whatever plan is offered without reservation or discussion. His co-conspirators in the left-leaning media will condemn any opposition in quick order almost as if they had been provided convenient "talking points" in advance.

Listen carefully and you'll hear the word "bold" coming from the administration and their media foot soldiers. The thinking is that if you repeatedly plant the word "bold" into the dialogue perhaps the American public will ignore the lack of leadership and follow "His Word."

The President most likely will point his finger at Republicans who want less government interference and the always popular "greedy corporations" as the main culprits in the jobless dilemma. He'll tiptoe around the sobering news that last week's jobs report showed not one new job created in this great nation. He'll be even more silent on the reality that his past stimulus spending was a bust. Who knew "shovel ready" would take so long?

At some point, this administration must reluctantly accept at least partial responsibility for the lagging economy and the dismal jobs forecast. We've heard the all-too-familiar laundry list of blameless reasons long enough. Leadership begins by accepting responsibility.

The President will likely parade more tax incentives for hiring new workers - which may well be too little, too late. He'll rely on his rapidly-fading speaking skills to tell the American people that their government does care.

But words alone cannot and will not provide the confidence that is so lacking in this administration's agenda.

And when all of the words are spoken and the plans outlined - once again - it is the single element of confidence or lack thereof that will mark this time in history. Confidence is not a product of a speech. It is the product of leadership.

Are you now beginning to connect the dots on our problem?

Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen