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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

Country suffers from a lack of leadership

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Given the current state of this great nation, I am beginning to wonder how anyone in their right mind could vote to re-elect this President. I can understand perhaps why some would vote for his re-election because they believe the current crop of GOP candidates would be no better.

But to choose just one "accomplishment" as a reason to re-elect this President would be a stretch. Heck, even his hometown newspaper thinks it may be time for him to step aside.

But rest assured, this President will not step aside. Nor will he seek to find common ground or reach for the middle. Community organizers are laser-focused on reaching their redistribution goals and will accept nothing less.

If the definition of insanity is that popular notion of doing the same thing but expecting different results, then the Obama plan to hike taxes by $1.5 trillion surely fits into that definition.

Forget the Wall Street fat-cats, the ones hit with this proposed tax hike are the small business owners who generate business above the Obama threshold. But class warfare does not work so easily if you identify these folk. It's easier to paint an ugly portrait of some faceless hedge fund manager who pulls down obscene bucks.

Obama talks boldly of "shared sacrifice" but he excludes half the American population who pay no income taxes. It's that population who will blindly go to the polls and push the Democratic lever. His bold new plan simply re-enforces this even more.

Despite massive evidence that this President is anti-business and that his success is driven by class warfare, his defenders will never sway from the truth of his failures, past and present. To do so would be to acknowledge a massive mistake. And it's hard for some to swallow that realization.

President Obama is undoubtedly a good person, a good father and a staunch defender of the liberal agenda. But he is no leader. And if the hallmark of his administration is his undying determination to take from producers to fund non-producers, then it's past time for his day in the sun to end.

I give great credit to this President for his tireless (despite the vacations and golf and parties and trips) efforts to push his agenda. He is clearly the darling of the left and he has earned their admiration.

But in the end, he's simply wrong on how to address this economy, how to produce jobs and, more importantly, how to provide the leadership that this nation so desperately needs. That doesn't make him a bad person. It just makes him wrong.

Remember a month or so ago, our President was telling his people that we needed to revise the way we treat owners of corporate jets? He said we have a choice to either provide tax benefits for corporate jet owners or to remove some education funding.

Well the plan is now out and the corporate jet tax "loophole" is removed.

And when the calculations are complete, this massive class warfare message will solve our economic problem to the tune of one-tenth of 1 percent.

That's not leadership. That is nothing more than a divisive message in a political environment.

Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen