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Real agenda behind the OWS movement

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As May arrives, we are once again greeted by the ever-popular Occupy Wall Street crowd, which is little more than a union-financed political street theater designed to deflect attention away from a stalled economy.

The theory behind the OWS gang is to highlight the disparity of income in America. But it takes little work to see the true purpose - which is clearly to rally some odd support for the Obama administration especially in the wake of the Tea Party success.

The key ingredient to the OWS message is that greed has won the day in this country and those who have been successful should somehow share their hard-earned success with others less fortunate.

But having been involved with protests during the 1960s, I know that the purpose of the protest is to expand the message through the media. Yelling and complaining serves a limited purpose unless there is a camera nearby.

And in today's liberal media environment, the Occupy forces won't have to work too hard to assure their message is spread like wildfire.

But for those of us who go to work each day, the protest is a little more than a mild annoyance.

If the OWS crowd has any level of sincerity, you would hear about the debt being saddled on our children from runaway federal spending spree.

But those words aren't spoken.

You might also hear how union pension funds are threatening state and local governments with an unsustainable debt.

But those words aren't spoken.

Were the Occupy "gangstas" honest, you might even hear how liberal Democratic policies promoted home ownership to segments of the population clearly unable to handle that debt which led to the housing crisis that is all-too-familiar.

But those words also aren't spoken.

Just because a phony movement gains the attention of the left-leaning media doesn't give it one ounce of legitimacy.

To be assured, there is greed in this country. But increasingly that greed is not limited to financial matters.

The greed that is most concerning is the greed for power regardless of the consequences.

This administration is the embodiment of greed with a focused agenda to change the direction of this great nation into a vision that has no basis in reality.

Take away the union finances and the union workers bused in to show solidarity and you have a handful of misfits and anarchists.

If that is your "dream" for America, then by all means join the crowd.

But beware the obvious.

What happens if the OWS dream for American becomes reality?

Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen