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Where's objectivity in national news?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I return to the world of writing today following surgery that has sidelined me for a week or so. No need to provide the gory details of surgery other than to say I have found a newfound fondness for inflatable doughnuts.

But I would be somewhat remiss if I didn't express my appreciation for both the surgeon and the staff at Missouri Delta Medical Center. Their genuine concern and professional care was most appreciated.

I'll just leave it at that.

Having been "out of the loop" for a week or so, I returned to the world of news to find some remarkable changes.

I'll admit that while I waited the hours for the healing process to unwind, I purposely found little time to watch the national news on television.

Maybe it's just me, but objective television news is no more than a relic from the past. Every channel - in my mind - has a clear agenda in political reporting and they no longer try to hide that agenda.

As someone raised with a completely different attitude toward objective reporting, I am sickened by the slanted, misleading "talking points" that clearly show bias.

And let me be clear. This sloppy and slanted reporting cuts all political ideologies. Fox and MSNBC are both guilty. And both should be held accountable.

This morning, in an attempt to dip my feet back into the world of politics, I listened to two channels with opposing views on an evolving national news story.

I might as well have awakened in two different worlds.

The same story reported at the same time with vastly different narratives and conclusions.

So how are we to know the truth? We depend on the policy makers to tell us the truth and to allow us to reach our own conclusions.

But increasingly, I find myself suspect of any and all national reporting.

But honestly, is everyone simply lying? Are we at a point in history where we cannot believe the policy makers for anything that might be factual?

Or am I naive and we've been at this point for quite some time?

So I am forced to be defensive and cynical on virtually every aspect of the national news. Like you, I have opinions formed by information supposedly brought by objective analysis from those in the know.

But what if my opinions are based on bogus information? What if my beliefs are based on lies?

At some point, objectivity will return to the national news media or they will simply go the way of the rotary dial telephone.

And please don't tell me to abandon national television news for information provided on the Internet.

Have you honestly digested the garbage masquerading as objective news from the countless websites on the Internet?

Give me a break!

I may have missed a week or so in the world of politics. But my return brings not one change to the manner in which it is reported.

I'd like to blame this newfound disappointment on the pain killers I am taking.

But, alas, that would be too easy!

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