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Here is how small businesses are built

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Like millions of other small business owners, I'm confused by the President's statement last week that somehow, I didn't build a business alone - someone helped me.

The clearly unscripted remarks sent shockwaves through the private sector community.

Rest assured, the President will be given ample opportunity in the coming weeks to clarify, modify, adjust and rephrase those comments.

The administration damage-control apparatus must be in full swing.

The way I remember those early days, business was built with sweat equity, sacrifice, hours and hours of toil and no guarantee of success.

But nowhere in that business story did I rely on government for assistance.

I am certainly not alone.

If the President was referring to the infrastructure of this nation as a contributing factor in business growth, surely he recognizes that I too contributed taxes to provide that basic support.

Here's what the President really said:

He said he is clueless on what drives success in small business.

He said his life story of government involvement and a complete disdain and contempt for private achievement renders him incompetent in the small business arena.

He said that because of this obsessive belief in government control, he has chosen to surround himself with like-minded folk who believe only in government as the solution for everything.

Mr. President, here's how you build "that" business.

You miss kids' ball games and dance recitals.

You eat vending machine food at your desk in order to squeeze as much work into the day as possible.

Sometimes you even hold your own paycheck to assure that the employees' paychecks will clear the bank.

You work when you're sick and when you're tired. When others gathered for a social drink, you remained at the office to make sure the bills were paid and the work complete.

But you're right, Mr. President - you don't do it alone.

If you're fortunate, you surround yourself with hard-working associates who too make sacrifices.

But, Mr. President, government didn't open my doors each morning or sweep the mess each afternoon.

That was me sir. A small-business owner.

You scare me, Mr. President. I respect your office but I fear you know too little about what makes this nation exceptional.

Yet despite your twisted views on an all-powerful central government, we remain exceptional.

Unfortunately, we remain exceptional despite you, not because of you.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen