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Don't let the national news do your thinking

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peaceful protests are part of the history and fabric of this great nation. If we disagree with something, we have the right to voice our opposition.

But I fear the national media will use the backdrop of protests to focus the spotlight away from this week's Republican National Convention and instead put the media attention on the protesters.

I'm plenty old enough to remember the protests and riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It may not have been the first protest but it certainly was the most vocal and violent.

And in many ways, it shaped the way political party Conventions are viewed.

The GOP will gather in Florida to spend their week touting the Republican ticket and the differences with the Democrats.

But if most of the national media - clearly in the Obama camp - decides to shine the spotlight on the protesters more than the conventioneers, then just who is to blame?

With ample help from the national media, we stand on the edge of having a one-party system of government unless the American people speak up and speak up loudly.

If the Democrats controls the minority and union vote - as they most definitely do - then any other voices of dissent must rely on the media to have their voices heard.

Now if you throw the national media into the Democratic mix, you stand a good chance of bulldozing any and all elections.

So what could that bode for this country?

Well it takes little imagination to envision the unionization of virtually all workers. The result of that will not be an improvement of working conditions or wages, etc. The result will be the total destruction of our current system of government.

Those who speak of doomsday concerns are not without some strong evidence. Just look at the numbers today and the projections for tomorrow.

But the problem is that far too many voters pay too little attention to the facts. And the result is an uninformed voter and a runaway federal government.

If this week's protests get violent, just consider the source.

Are these protesters the ones you want in control of your federal government?

Don't keep your eyes focused on what the national media feeds you. Use your head for something other than a hat rack and then make an informed decision.

It isn't difficult. Unfortunately it takes some effort. Too many people are unwilling to make that effort.

See what that gets you?

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen