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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

My country is now on my prayer list

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Having written this column for nearly 35 years, I'm reminded that my tone was not always political.

No Carter bashing in those early years. No Reagan fawning. Even Bill Clinton's drama went virtually unnoticed - at least in the world of this minor column.

There were some understandable patriotic words written in the wake of 9/11. But no politics.

Past columns over the years tended to dwell on raising kids, community cheerleading and pure puffery about the newspaper industry.

But for me - along strictly personal lines - then came this current administration. Based on core differences in policy and what I perceived as a misguided direction for our society - and for no other reason - I became alarmed.

And this column began reflecting that alarm.

During the most bleak days of the past 35 years, I never once thought our nation in peril. Never once was I pessimistic about my children's future.

But no more.

And I know because I read and listen, I am not alone with this growing concern.

I do not operate under the assumption that all is lost. Quite the opposite.

But I've taken to praying for my country of late.

In addition to the obligatory prayers for family and friends and the equally obligatory request for forgiveness, I have added my country to the prayer list.

I found no small irony that the Democrats initially removed the word "God" from their party's platform only to reinsert the recognition when called on the carpet by the media.

And then - in a moment of both embarrassment and astonishment - showed their disdain for the change during the mock vote of platform acceptance.

As best I can determine, those folk don't share my concerns.

But we can't both be right.

Like most of you, I long for this extended political season to end.

What's left - with a few more revelations along the way - is to simply vote my conscience.

And for those who support this administration, you too vote your conscience.

Flawed or not, our system works.

But for a little added support, I'll continue to pray.

After all - though we hold no monopoly - God was always and will always be a part of my party's platform.

Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen